Convention Bookings - KL Media Photography

Book a photoshoot with KL Media!

I offer two kinds of bookings:

Photoshoot $50 (pre-booked)
30 minutes - 10 photos, 1 or 2 people
Add $10 per additional person

Mini-shoot $20 (at-con)
10 minutes - 5 photos
My mini-shoots are quick! Have fun and Pose, Pose, Pose.

Details for meeting time and location will be co-ordinated via email.

How do I pre-book a photoshoot?
You can click the link below to:
Send a Booking Request

Can I book at-con?
Yes, if you spot me walking around, feel free to ask at-con for a paid mini-shoot.
You can also contact me via the Facebook page on that particular day. Remember, Saturdays are always the busiest, especially from 12 to 4 pm. I am either running around or attending events, so response time to messages is much slower.

Schedule availability at conventions
My schedule is usually finalized after the convention schedule is published.
Regardless, please check the Facebook page about one week beforehand for details when I will have open hours during the convention weekend.

Convention photos & photoshoots
Like KL Media on Facebook to see all the galleries, latest convention photos, and hours of at-con availability.

General info
As a reminder, these are convention settings. Please don't overthink and plan hard for your photoshoot.

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