Otafest 2018 photos - KL Media Photography

KL Media Photography will be attending Otafest 2018 (Saturday & Sunday). I will be offering photography services for a very small fee. If you'd like to get a photo taken of your cosplay, please see details below.

On-the-spot photos:

$10 for 2 high-res photos

$15 for 3 high-res photos

$20 for 5 high-res photos

All photos will be available for download and posted on my Otafest 2018 gallery album by Tuesday night at the latest. You can check back on this page for the link.


Most of the time, I will be walking around the convention area. You can identify me with the Otafest Photographer Pass.  So feel free to ask me on-the-spot to take your photo.  You can also reply to the Facebook post with a photo of your cosplay, and I'll keep a look out for it.

Photoshoot bookings:

I won't be taking any private photoshoot bookings in advance, however you're welcome to ask me on convention days and also inquire about pricing.  Spots will be limited.

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